African Leaders Programme

On August 22-26, 2016, Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International and the Georgian dialogue scheme – Business and Economic Centre (BEC) hosted the delegation of African political leaders led by the presidential candidate of Democratic Republic of Congo and the founder of the United Congolese Party Mr. Christian Musumari Malanga. 

The 28-member delegation visited Georgia in the framework of the EPDI& BEC African Leaders Programme, specifically designed for young African political leaders, with the purpose of becoming familiar with Georgian reforms and experience of democratization.

In the framework of the Programme, African leaders met with the Public Defender of Georgia, as well as the representatives of the Georgian governmental and non-governmental organizations, political parties, business associations, private companies and entrepreneurs. Special educational tours were organized for the delegation in the Public Service Hall, National Bank of Georgia, Agrarian University of Georgia and penitentiary establishment N16 (in Rustavi) as well as in different structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia such as: Police Academy, Service Agency, Emergency Management Agency, Emergency and Operative Response Center 112. 

On August 26, at the end of the African Leaders Programme, with support of the Crystal Fund, the International Conference ’’Georgia Reforms: Case for Africa?’’ was held with participation of the distinguished leaders from the public, private and civil sectors. The Conference took place at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and the sessions included panel discussions on three main directions of Georgia reforms: Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights; Economy and Business Environment; Education Reform: What Georgia Can Offer? 

In addition, there was a special Wine-tour organized for the delegation, where the Leaders had an opportunity to taste different types of wine including European wines as well as Georgian wines made, produced and stored in special earthenware vessels ‘’Kvevri’’ using traditional Georgian wine-making technology. 

The Members of the delegation also visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (Sameba) and the historical part of the city, explored Tbilisi’s unique architectural heritage and history of Georgian wine.