Strengthening democracy:
Strengthening national economies

Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International is an independent, not-for-profit body which exists to facilitate policy dialogue, to establish a transparent bridge of understanding between parliament and business and to contribute towards more effective economic legislation, for strengthening democracy and national economies.

EPDI have worked within established democracies
and/or Parliaments in transition for over thirty

Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International


Our Values

We believe that democracy, for all its weaknesses, has proved to be the most effective way of protecting individuals and of facilitating answers to the questions we face concerning societies, economies and an environment in transition.

Vision and Mission

We exist to strengthen the legislative process on issues of business and the economy through enhanced policy consultation between economic operators and their legislature; to provide practical ways of empowering women, building the capacity of parliaments and reducing corruption.

Our Approach

We offer methodology and expertise of 30 years of experience in 16 countries to establish a nationally owned Dialogue Centres, operating based on the EPDI Common Code of Principles, endorsed by both the EU and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

The role of Enterprise and Parliamentary
Dialogue International:

Work with an in-country advisory board to design and launch a Dialogue Centre which is appropriate for the culture and circumstances;

Translate the methodology and expertise of 30 years of experience in 16 countries to establish a robust, independent forum, delivered by nationals;

Advise and assist the new Dialogue Centre to become self-sustaining;

Ensure that delivery, integrity and service continue to meet the standards of the international network;

Work towards establishing a sustainable democracy founded on the rule of law.

The Team

Fabian Hamilton MP


Fredrick R Hyde-Chambers OBE

Executive Chairman

Keith Young MBE

International Chairman

Mark Gallagher


Archil Bakuradze

Board Member, Chairman of Dialogue Centre Georgia

Arthur McIvor

Board Member, Founding Director of Dialogue Scotland

Mary Fenwick

Board Member

Fuad Janmohamed

Country Advisor
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Few Examples Of Our Projects

We work effectively on the relationship between those who generate the wealth of the nation and those who regulate it.

All activities are underpinned by an internationally recognised EPDI Code of Principles and supported by Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International.

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